As parents and educators we are presented an opportunity to usher in a new era of children becoming adults who shine. By encouraging mindfulness early on we create a foundation based on self-awareness and self-appreciation. In this space we discover the seat of self-confidence, compassion and love.

Mindfulness is one of the most useful strategies readily available yet it's one we rarely practice - mainly because we haven't been taught how. With the proper tools we'd be better able to manage our own experiences and emotions rather than being controlled by them.  The more present we are to our own life the more choices we have to influence its unfolding. The seed of personal growth begins with desire - a will to explore and expand.   There isn't an age  too young or too old to learn to live mindfully.  

What  we want for our children we also want for ourselves, but in order to teach with conviction we have to live it.   

Inner Light of Mine Blog was created specifically for parents, caregivers, educators or anyone on the path to personal growth.  Blog posts for grown-ups with corresponding posts for  teens and/or children will be published at least twice a month. An opportunity to embrace a mindful life with applicable resources to pass on to your children.

What a gift we can offer our next generation by empowering them early on with the perspective that we can create the world we live in simply by becoming mindful of the life we're living.    

Readers are encouraged to comment regularly on blog posts.  Ask questions. Offer insights.  Help broaden and heighten the discussion.

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